Coconut Oil to Treat Wrinkles


Due to coconut oil’s super nourishing nature and ability to permeate the skin because of its molecular structure it serves as an amazing anti wrinkle cream. Coconut oil unlike other face products helps rebuild our connective tissue which prevents premature lines and wrinkles and is also high in antioxidants which helps prevent against sun damage, fine lines and even skin cancer. Personally, I have observed significant results over the last few months as I have been applying coconut oil nightly.

In order for coconut oil to permeate the skin and be most effective the skin should be appropriately exfoliated about once a week. My favorite 100% natural and inexpensive exfoliated is pineapple. This tropical fruit contains a powerful enzyme bromelain which when applied topically exfoliates the top layer of skin leaving behind beautiful, vibrant skin. There are numerous ways to concoct a pineapple exfoliater but simple works best for me. Using the juice of an unripe pineapple as well as applying a little of the meat of the fruit to the skin for 5 to 10 minutes has powerful results. For sensitive skin I would definitely test out a small area and decrease the time. After you’ve exfoliated your skin it is even more ready to uptake ultra moisturizing coconut oil.

When applying coconut oil to the skin use soft upward strokes around the eyes and lips as well as sweeping circular strokes around the forehead region. Working your way up to applying coconut oil to your skin daily may take several weeks but the results are significant. I like to use a coconut oil mask before bedtime as when I wake up my skin feels extra soft. To maintain that great moisturization throughout the day I use coconut oil as a day cream on my face as well as all over my body. Lather up, you’re going to love the results!

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