Coconut Oil to Treat Acne

zitI wish that I was aware of the amazing effects that coconut oil had on treating acne during my awkward high school years.  However, with my current 
knowledge of coconut oil, when that occassional pimple starts to appear on my face I dab some of this nature’s miracle on it right away knowing that its anti-microbial and deeply moisturizing properties are hard at work. So I’m sure you’re thinking.. Rubbing oil on acne? How does this not worsen or exacerbate my condition?

First off acne can range anywhere from an annoying little pimple all the way to an extremely uncomfortable condition known as cystic acne. Either way, coconut oil can help. Put simply, acne is a result of an inflamed oil gland and is considered a bacterial infection. Coconut oil is known as being non-comedogenic which means it won’t clog your pores or worsen your acne. Now as a quick side note everyone’s skin reacts different so it’s best to test a dab out on a small area of the skin before applying liberally. Probably the most notable quality of coconut oil is that it is highly comprised of lauric acid, a powerful antioxidant which is known for being deeply penetrating and ability to treat acne at the core. Lauric acid is also an anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-viral compound which help prevent and eliminate these annoying bacterial infections when applied topically or taken orally. Also rich in Vitamin E, coconut oil protects the skin from future breakouts as well as healing damaged skin much more rapidly.

So on to how to use coconut oil appropriately to receive maximum benefits.. Most importantly you want to apply the coconut oil to clean skin so make sure your face is free of makeup, etc. You want to also make sure your pores are open so they are able to uptake the coconut oil allowing all of its beneficial properties to get to work. You can do this by taking a hot shower or bath or simply covering your face with a warm washcloth. Once you’ve opened your pores you’re ready to apply the coconut oil to the affected areas. Let the coconut oil sit on your skin anywhere from five to fifteen minutes. Covering up the skin with a damp washcloth will really allow the skin to soak up the coconut oil as well. Once you’ve done this it I’d time to gently remove the rest of the coconut oil with a new damp washcloth in a soft downward sweeping motion. And it’s as simple as that. Better yet, this face mask also makes for a wonderful moisturizer. So next time that pesky zit tries to come out and play zap it with some coconut oil and let it know who’s boss!

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