Coconut Oil the Miracle Fruit

There are basically two ways to reap the numerous health benefits of coconut oil: consuming it or applying it directly to your body and hair. Don’t stop reading just yet. Even more important is knowing small__2288837024and understanding what kind of coconut oil is best to become part of your daily diet and skincare regimen.  Before I begin I wanted to add that within the last year I have replaced coconut oil with many products in my house from lotions to vegetable oil in an attempt to be more healthy and the results have been phenomenal.

Below I have compiled a list about all the uses for coconut oil and how this nature’s miracle has changed my life.  Feel free to explore the unique properties of coconut oil and see why this jar of goodness has become a staple in my home.  Hopefully you will see all of the benefits as well and hop on board the coconut oil train.  It’s a healthful as well as 100% natural and beautiful ride.

Home Uses
Cooking Alternative
Metabolism Booster
Weight Loss Supplement
Body and Hair Treatments
Stretch Marks

Medical Uses
Gingivitis and Tooth Decay
Many more to come!


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